How to use the IBOTTA app – Amazing features poised for 2023

How to use the IBOTTA app:

If you’ve been browsing coupons on websites and came across offers for an app called Ibotta but didn’t know what it was, The following guide for beginners will show you how the app could save you money. We also provide simple steps to make use of it.

What Is Ibotta?

 Ibotta is a free mobile cashback coupon and shopping app available for the majority of iOS as well as Android phones. With Ibotta users, consumers can earn cashback on certain items by completing simple tasks by purchasing the product and then giving proof of the purchase. 

What is it that gives Ibotta an advantage in building its popularity with couponers is the fact that the savings that can be derived from the application are in addition to the other strategies for saving consumers money, like coupon redemption, rewards programs, coupon stacking, and matching rebates, among other cash-saving applications. This makes it a brilliant addition to any couponer’s toolbox for saving.

Is Ibotta Hard to Use?

The Ibotta application is easy to use. There aren’t many steps to follow for it to pay off. However, the process is simple, and the steps are clearly laid out about navigating the application.

Ready to Get Started?

To start using Ibotta to begin, you’ll need to have a compatible device and have a PayPal account. Additionally, customers can earn rewards and then cash them to receive gift cards with special features from selected retailers if it is preferable over cash alternative.

 How Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta provides users with a variety of options for earning money back. In the beginning, you’ll tap the Ibotta symbol on your mobile device and will be taken to the core of the app, which is”Offers. “Offers” section.

  • The “Offers” section displays pictures of the products “Offers” section displays pictures of the items that have special offers and the total amount you could earn back in cash under each item. 3
  • If you come across something you’re looking to purchase, click at the “Earn $–” bar to look up the tasks you have to finish in order to earn cashback when you purchase that item. 4
  • For many products, there are multiple ways to earn money. You are able to complete any as well as all the requirements. The more work you do, the more money you’ll receive.
  • Some examples of tasks are taking a look at a fact, participating in a short survey, watching a short video, sharing to your page on Facebook, or writing a brief review on the product.
  • When you have completed at least one task for each product offer, the product will be immediately placed on the “Checklist” on the Ibotta app, allowing you to earn money when purchasing the product.
  • Most tasks can be done quickly, and in the same amount of time or less than the time, it takes to clip and file a coupon on paper.
  • In order to receive a cash reward for completing the tasks, you’ll have to buy the items from a store that is participating (see further below).
  • The next step is to look into next to the “Store Extras” section because there are offers that are exclusive to stores. For instance, Target may have offers that you are only eligible to buy the item at Target.

Proof of Purchase

Once you have bought the products that qualify, You will have to supply Ibotta with evidence of your purchases. Ibotta offers three ways to show that you bought certain items. In the first option, you’ll click “Redeem” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll then select the store from which you purchased the item and follow the steps to submit an image of your receipt as well as scanning bar codes on the products. You must redeem your coupons prior to the time they expire to receive cash.

The other method permits you to connect your loyalty card from a store to the Ibotta application that will then verify the items you bought. This option, however, is only compatible with specific retailers, not all of them.

The third option is that you can buy items through the app or buy items from one of Ibotta’s mobile stores. In most cases, you don’t need to do anything else to be rewarded for these purchases since the app will keep track of these purchases for you.

After you have completed the procedures, Ibotta will verify your purchase. Once you have reached $20, you can transfer the money into PayPal or send it to your credit card.

More App Features and Ways to Earn

Since Ibotta was first introduced, it has seen new features added to make the app more user-friendly and enable the users to make. This includes:

 Incentive (Bonuses)

  • “Incentives (bonuses)” are ways for users to earn extra cash. It’s a great area of the app, as the more frequently you’re using Ibotta, the greater bonuses you’ll be able to earn. It is possible to access the “Bonuses” section from the Main Menu. By clicking on a bonus, it will give you the specifics of how to get it. Once you have completed the bonus, you’ll be given a chance to earn an additional bonus. 

Friend Bonuses

  • Ibotta also gives cash bonuses for referrals to friends who sign up. To qualify for these rewards, the friend must access the registration page with an invitation link provided by you. Ibotta also offers other friend bonuses at times where you can earn additional money when an agreed-upon number of your friends sign up.

Expiration Notices

  • Every offer comes with expiration dates. These are displayed in two distinct locations. After the offer is activated, the expiration date is displayed in the “Checklist” and on the “Offers” and “Stores Extras” sections. Additionally, those offers set to expire within five days will show the “expiring” flag, which can be useful. 


  • Another great feature to enjoy with Ibotta is that the Ibotta app has the ability to track your earnings activity. This includes keeping track of your receipts, bonus rewards, and invitations to family and friends. You can also check out the amount of money you’ve earned using the app by looking at your “Lifetime Earnings” found in the “Withdraw Cash” section.

Stores Where You Can Use Ibotta

At present, Ibotta works in more than 300 of the participating retailers, which include Amazon, Target, Kroger, Walmart, and many more. To find the most updated list of participating stores, go to Ibotta’s website. Ibotta web site.

If you are a current user, make sure to visit Ibotta’s Blog for the latest news and ways to earn cash.

The Bottom Line

If you browse through different coupon websites, you’ll get a variety of opinions about the Ibotta application, but the majority of the feedback is favorable. Even if you’re not an avid Ibotta app user yourself It’s a lot of fun and enjoyable.

There have been some complaints made about the many steps to receive the rewards, but it is all done fast, And the longer you make use of it, the more efficient you get at it. You may also be interested in the fact the possibility of grabbing an offer while you wait at the doctor’s appointment or any other place you’re in a position where you’re just twiddling your thumbs.

What’s great about the app is because more and more stores have shifted away from permitting triple or double coupon redemption’s and have become more strict in their couponing policies. This is one app that could make a difference in the amount you spend on groceries and other food-related products. There’s not much “gray” area within the app. It’s the case that we haven’t seen any. Earning money back is straight-forward, no gimmicks and no confusion.

The loading of sales receipts and scanning bar codes appears to be something that annoys many people. However, after several years of cutting bar code off of packages and mailing receipts to claim rebates scanning the entire receipt is simple. In addition, you can save the receipt in case you want to use it as a reward for other items you purchase in addition to the apps. If you tend to put off things or are hurrying to redeem my goods before they expire, or searching the garbage to search for bar codes. It’s recommended to do this as soon as you return from your trip to the store.

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