How to coupon : The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Couponing in 2022

By Team CouponFairy

How to coupon: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Couponing in 2022

Have you ever watched someone checking out coupons? Or their grocery bill goes down after the cashier had processed those coupons? Most people don’t believe in coupons; others don’t know how and where to start. Trust me, couponing can save you thousands, and it’s a lot easier than you think.

This ultimate beginner’s guide contains every basic you need to know to start saving with coupons. Let’s begin!

How to coupon?

The following are the basic things you should know if you want to save almost 20-25% on your bills via coupons. Read all the tips carefully to learn about how to coupon.

  1. How to get Coupons?

Here is a list of few places from where you can get your coupons.

I. Newspaper and magazine coupons

The most accessible and familiar place to get the coupon is your newspaper, and the magazine comes with your Sunday paper. You can find a variety of coupons there. People often purchase 3 or 4 papers to stock up on sale products.

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II. Manufacturer and free sample coupons

Manufacturer coupons come directly from manufacturing companies when you write them to give reviews for their products. You can also get coupons with free samples. If you don’t want to use the free sample, it’s your choice, but l, you can use your coupon.

III. Online

The trend of online coupons is increasing day by day. You can purchase E-coupons or printable coupons as well. You need to search it on Google as there are many extreme couponing websites with different couponing databases. Few famous websites are retail me, not every day, P & G everyday and smart source.

There are also some drug store and grocery websites where you can see the latest coupons.

IV. Couponing Apps

In the current era, we are witnessing the advancement of technology. There is almost everything available in the app store of your smartphone.

The App store contains a lot of couponing apps where you can find the latest coupons.

How to coupon

V. Other places to hunt for coupons

The places mentioned above are not the only source to get coupons. If you go to attend different events, they also hand out coupons to attendants. Moreover, look in your junk email. Some companies also drop high-value coupons there.

Remember! Always search coupons for those things you use. When you have enough collection of coupons, then move to the next step.

2. Organize your coupons

Organization of coupons doesn’t take much time but collecting coupons, haphazardly, can be a reason for time consumption afterward. If you want to track your coupons concisely, then take the organization approach, which you think as best. Here are a few ways that can help you.

  • Coupon Binder:

in this method, you clip your coupons in a three-ring binder, and whenever you go to the store, you can carry our coupon’s file with you. In this way, you have all your coupons with you during your shopping.

How to coupon
  • Envelops:

You can clip your coupons and put them in an envelope. But after a few weeks of couponing collection, you need to have a bigger envelop or file. 

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Based on your selected approach, you can make sure that your coupons are accessible and safe. By doing the following minor things, you can organize your coupons well

i. Divide in categories:

You can organize your coupons based on categories and subcategories. For example, mark one category as grocery, and you can sub-divide this into frozen food, dairy, etc. On the contrary, there is another system to organize by which you can arrange coupons by their expiry date or alphabetically. It makes it easier to find.

ii. Purge regularly:

If your coupon is expired, then it can’t save your money. Hence, always set your schedule to purge expired ones.

iii. File coupons regularly

It’s hard to file coupons the same day you get them, but it’s essential to save some time for this task. In this way, you’ll never lose your coupon and also saves your time to sort them from a mess of coupons.

Now the rest of the task is easy. Whenever you go out for shopping, open the coupon binder or coupon’s envelope and match your list’s items.

3. How to maximize your savings

At first, you say, “Look, I just saved $3.0 in coupons on my shopping bill. But when you get to know the prop tips to maximize your savings, you can change your statement to “Oh my God, do you know I got all this stuff for only $3.0.” These smart strategies will help you to do so.

i. Doubling and Tripling of coupons.

Many stores have specific days with the name of doubling coupons day and tripling coupons day. You can take advantage of these days and get your coupons doubled. Hence, look out for the doubling or tripling coupons day offered by your grocery store.

ii. Wait for sale:

A sale is the best way to maximize your saving. Keep an eye on the sale items. If your want to buy a bag of $4, which is for $ 2.50 on sale, and you have a manufacturer coupon of $0.5 off, then you will get that bag is only $2.0. But

always read the store policies carefully. Here is one more thing to focus, if you catch an item on sale and it’s doubling or tripling day, you might come back with more money than you had before. Yes, you read it correctly! If a tin of corn is at the sale for $1.00 and you have a manufacturer coupon for $0.50 off and store coupon for $1.0, and its doubling day, you’ll get a tin of corn with $2. Sounds great, right?

iii. Staking method:

Always stack your manufacturer coupon above store coupon because you can use only one manufacturer’s coupon for one item. Due to this reason, the organization of coupons is crucial. By doing so, you can quickly know whether you should stack your coupon or not.

iv. Apply Catalina:

Big chains offer you to save some dollars off for your next shopping. This type of coupon is known as Catalina coupons. An Example of such a store is Walmart. Let me explain it a little more.

How to coupon at Walmart? Walmart is the largest retailer in the world. You can go to the Walmart website and find a variety of coupons offered by them. Print those coupons and bring them with you when you visit the local store. Walmart also allows coupon overage. It means if you have coupons that exceed the item’s value, you can use them at Walmart. They even give it back in the form of cash.

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  1. Final tips to couponing
  2. You should know about your store’s coupons policy. If they offer a loyalty card, then get one. Some accept printed coupons, and others prefer digital coupons.
  3. Never buy items just for coupons. Try to purchase only those items you need.
  4. If you see any free coupon magazine, then try to grab several.
  5. Write and send reviews to different manufacturers about their products and also that you are interested in getting some coupons.
  6. If an item is on sale and you can use your coupon to get that at lower prices, you should buy that for future use.
  7. Try to figure out everything about your coupons that what you can do and what you can’t. Also, print a copy of the coupon so that you can show it to the cashier in case of any trouble.

How to coupon: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Couponing in 2022, CouponFairy

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