Expired Coupons for Military

Expired Coupons for Military

If you have expired coupons, please send them to:

Support Our Troops

P.O. box 70

Daytona Beach, FL 32115-0070

Expired coupons can be used by military personnel for up to 6 months past expiration date.

  • From manufacturers for individual products; examples include items like soup, pasta, or toothpaste.
  • Not for individual stores – coupons for individual stores cannot be used.
  • Clipped out individually.
  • Packaged in sandwich or quart-size plastic bags
  • Not assistance vouchers, not food stamps or the like; not restaurant coupons
  • Separated into food, non-food, baby, and pet baggies (the military advises they will recycle unsorted coupons due to lack of manpower).
Expired Coupons for Military

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