Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am new to couponing, where do I start?

A: Start by downloading store apps such as The Dollar General app and clipping digital coupons. Redeem clipped coupons at checkout by clicking the Dollar General sign in logo on the debit/credit card keypad and entering your phone number.

Download links for The Dollar General app:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dollar-general/id561311442

Download the Ibotta app for cash back deals on groceries you already shop for.

Download the Ibotta app here: https://ibota.com

Join our official Facebook group or Saving At Dollar General

Find many other resources throughout this website.

Q: Should I use digital coupons before paper coupons?

A: It does not matter the order you try to do this, the DG system will always process in this order
1. Instant savings and store sales
2. Store discounts eg:(2/10 3/15 5/25)
3. Store item/dollar specific coupons eg:(5/30)
4. Paper manufacturer and digital manufacturer coupons.
You can enter your number at any point after they scan the 1st item. Dqs will not pull and attach until they hit total.

Q: Can I use digital coupon and paper coupon on same item?

A: No, digital coupons are manufacturer coupons unless it specifically says store coupon in which then you can stack a manufacturers coupon with the store coupon.

Q: What is early activation?

A: Early activation means a sale starts before the date/time advertised, usually 7 pm Saturday for Dollar General Sunday advertised sales.

Q: Where do I get coupons?

A: The best place to get coupons is in the Sunday paper or from a coupon fairy such as the ones found here at couponfairy.net. Buy the inserts or already clipped coupons that you can use for groceries, sales events and other things you may be planning to shop for.

Q: Should I cover my coupons bar codes when posting online?

A: There is no need to cover bar codes because they are all the same and the merchant has to have to physical coupon to get reimbursed.

Q: How many coupons come in a set if I order?

A: All clipped coupons on this website come in sets of 10 unless otherwise described.

Q: Can I use a digital coupon over and over(more than one time)?

A: A digital coupon can only be used one time for the item described.

*Please check here often as Q&A are added frequently.

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